Wicket's Happy Tail

Wicket’s “Happy Tail” from his new family (FKA JJ): 

“Wicket was found tied to an electrical pole. He was taken in by FFRR. Wicket sustained frostbite to his ears and paws. While his paws healed, he lost the tops of his ears. I shared his profile to my Facebook page and told everyone about him. Weeks went by and he still wasn’t adopted. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and realized he was meant to be part of my family. He joins Wink (a rescued pit), Saber (a cranky 15 yr old cat) and Lando (a sweetie pie almost 15 yr old cat). While Saber finds him to be a tad annoying, Lando seems to have taken him in. Despite his mistreatment, he loves everyone and is a sweet, snuggly cat. 🙂 Thanks Furry Friends Rockin Rescue!”