Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue took in two dogs and six puppies from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest sites and the surrounding area on Friday, February 25, 2017.  A few dogs were found on the protest sites and the puppies were surrendered from terrible conditions where they were living in their own urine and feces.

The puppies are now in foster care with our organization as they receive a mandatory quarantine process that will be approximately two weeks.  One of the adult dogs has been transferred to the care of another rescue in North Dakota and the other remains in quarantine at the Bismarck Animal Impound.  All of the canines were checked by a veterinarian from the local area, vaccinated, de-wormed, and given a bath before they went into their foster homes.  They will be adopted out to local homes pending home visits.  We received over 45 applications before they were considered “adoptable.”  We chose seven applicants after much scrutiny to make sure they go to the best homes.

There are still other animals at the protest site.  We are working with law enforcement to continue the rescue efforts.  We have to follow their procedures and guidelines, which means, we have to wait until the heavy machinery is completed with the clean up before we can get more.  Law enforcement is collaborating with us in the instance they are able to catch the scared animals.  If this happens, we’ll be able to get whatever they can into our care prior to the clean up completion.

If we have the ability to reunite an animal with their owner under certain circumstances, it allows us to open up a space for another to come in.  We have this as part of our protocol because we work so closely with local animal impounds to alleviate their overcrowding and euthanization.  Many of us volunteer at the Bismarck Animal Impound on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to clean kennels, hand out ear scratches to cats, or walk dogs; as well as rescue animals that may be up for scheduled euthanization.  Without this positive relationship, we’d be unable to save so many animals.

This is not the first rescue mission we’ve been a part of.  In April 2016, we took in eight kittens that were found in a box at Walmart.  In November 2016, we took in 10 dogs from a hoarding situation.  We hope to make an impact on the lives of animals.  We hope to live in a world where one day responsible pet owners will put us out of business.  To date, FFRR has adopted over 400 animals into their forever homes.

Thank you a million times over to the those who have donated across the world to our cause.  We are shocked at the outpouring of love we’re receiving.  Thank you to our volunteers who put so much into this rescue for the sake of animal’s well-being.  We did not expect it to become such a large matter, despite the media coverage that has been given to the DAPL protests, as we would have done this no matter the situation because it is essential to our mission statement.  None of our volunteers are paid for their efforts.  Every little bit goes back to the animals in our care.  Vetting and caring for the animals is expensive and our volunteers would give anything to make sure the critters get their best care and love, even when the situation is stressful.

The reality is we can’t control what or how others will perceive this, no matter their stance on the protests.  All of our volunteers are local Bismarck-Mandan residents and have been impacted in some form or another from the protests.  However, none of that matters to us when it comes to the well-being of animals.  We saw there was a need to rescue lost, abandoned, neglected, stray or surrenders in the area, and we did just that.  It truly doesn’t matter to us how the animals got to be in that situation, but more so removing the animal from the hazardous situation.

Our local news stations continue to tell our story in the best manner they can.  We appreciate their hard work in sharing our story.  To view our local media coverage of the efforts: KFYR, KXMB, and Bismarck Tribune