Zahara & Gypsy

Zahara & Gypsy

Hi guys! We are Zahara and Gypsy, the little cuddle puddle kitties. We are both less then a year old, females, and hecka spunky; though, we do love to nap a lot. We are not biologically related, but we instantly connected and now can’t seem to leave each other’s side. If one of us eats, the other eats. if one of us uses the litter box so does the other (2 litter boxes recommended). We both love to take naps on our humans and to be wherever they may be.

Gypsy: (the one with white)- I am the younger of the two. I am the quiet one. I am pretty timid and take my time investigating things and I don’t really like to get on tables. My favorite thing to do is nap on your lap or on your neck. I am also am polydactyl which mean I’ve got extra 3 toes on my front feet! They don’t seem to bother me, just need them clipped every once in a while. My sister is more adventurous than me, but I sure do love to watch her and if it looks safe enough, try as well!

Zahara: I am the older of the two. I love exploring and being wherever my human is. No privacy is the game. I love food, but I have to be on a special diet and have probiotics in my meals. It doesn’t stop me from being the best kitty I can. I too love to sit on your lap and cuddle, but I need the attention more than Gypsy and I will make sure to be first in anything! I am very playful and love things on strings and I will chatter to tell you about it!

We really want to stick together, so if you have it in your hearts, we’d love to be adopted together. We are the only sisters we’ve ever known.

Breed: DSH brown tabby
Age: Under 1 year
Origin: Bismarck pound
Sex: females
Sterilized: yes
Up to date on vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: cats
Special needs: N/A
Adoption fee: $80
Z: c1909- 0328