Winnie was rescued from a hoarding situation.  She is a young pup and is a silvery tan color with a black tipped curly tail.

Winnie is being fostered with two other chihuahuas at this time and gets along very well with both dogs; she become best friends with them.  She is also hasn’t shown fear for pretty much any dog she’s met.  She is very smart and already knows how to fetch balls and sits on command.  She is easily trained and is both pee pad trained and outdoor trained.

Winnie loves balls and toys and will entertain herself all day with her toys.  She is crate trained and sleeps all night with no accidents.  She loves to be held and kissed.  She would easily fit into home with cats, dogs and children.  She has been around three of her foster mom’s grandsons, 5 years and under, and has done well as she is also a pup and loves to play.

Winnie has bilateral cherry eyes, but they will be permanently corrected when she is spayed by Furry Friends.  She will be ready to be spayed at the end of September.  She will make a wonderful pet for any family and is patiently waiting her forever home.

Breed: Short Haired Chihuahua
DOB: March 2019
Gender: Female
Origin: rescued from hoarding situation
Sterilized:  Pending end of Sept
Up to date on Vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: Dogs – does well with cats, dogs, and children
Special needs: has bilateral cherry eyes and will have surgical correction when spayed

Adoption Fee: 175.00