My name is Vader – as in Darth! He and I are very similar. We are both black, I am a mighty warrior like he is, and I also tend to be a little temperamental like he is.

I was rescued during a heroic mission to the Bismarck Animal Impound where I very narrowly escaped.  I would probably be best suited for a shop as I am not very snugly and just prefer to be petted on my own terms. I am nice when it suits me.

I would really love to be given a chance though, even if it is protecting your home base from viscous cheese-eating creatures.

Breed:  DSH
DOB:  approximately 4-5 years old
Gender:  Male
Origin: Stray – impound
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations:  Yes
Fostered with:
Special needs:
Adoption Fee: $60