The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack

Meet the Rat Pack! Named after some of the greatest singers in history. These pups had a very rough beginning in their life. They were brought in, along with their mother, from the freezing cold just in time. When they came into Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue all five of them had a contagious mange that was eating away at their skin. After multiple medical treatments and a number of medicated baths, they are starting to regrow their fur and are no longer contagious. Once they started to recover from their mange, their immune systems were compromised and three of the four were diagnosed with Parvovirus. Parvo can be extremely deadly to pups if not caught in time. Thankfully because the pups were in foster care, they were able to get the medical needs that they needed right away.

Adopted: Dean is a sweet boy who tends to like some alone time with his human. He is just as charming as he is handsome. He loves his cuddles! Dean had the worse case of mange but is showing promise of gaining a full recovery after suffering from that and Parvo.

Available: Jerry is the comedian of the Rat Pack. He is always looking for direction from his human and really likes to please others. Whoever wants to play, he’ll play with them. Whoever wants to snuggle, he’ll snuggle back. Want to roll out the toilet paper, he’s your guy! Jerry had a spot from his mange that we have been watching closely. He will bring light to your household, and laughs throughout his journey.

Adopted: Peter is the fiercest of the crew. He is the first to try anything new. He shows his bravery with humans coming into his home and is first to introduce himself. Jerry’s ears are as big as his heart. Parvo hit him the hardest, but he bounced back quickly. He is quite the ladies’ man and melts hearts with his bold personality. He knows real men wear pink.

Adopted: Sammy is the only female of the Rat Pack. Although very timid at first, once she is comfortable with her humans she is full of cuddles. She does like her alone time separated from other animals and humans. Sammy definitely gives her brothers a run for their money. She is the instigator of play, but will immediately hide in a tight spot when new humans come around. Sammy looks identical to her mom, but completely different from her brothers. She will need someone with lots of patience and who does not force a friendship with her.

Breed: Shepherd mix
DOB: December 2018
Gender: Black with brown – Female / White – all males
Origin: Stray – Standing Rock
Sterilized: No; too young
Up to date on vaccinations: Pending
Fostered with: Dogs 
Adoption fee: $175 each