I was taken in by FFRR from the Dickinson pound. No one knows much about where I came from, but I have shown them quickly how much I need some LOVE!! As you can see my right ear is a little shorter than my left. Most likely I was left out in the cold too long one year. I’m also not quite used to having food available to me so I still like to hunt and search for it myself sometimes, causing a lot of comical accidents!

Never mind my ears though, have you seen my paws?! They are huge!! I come with a great personality too! I equally love to play as much as cuddle and be pet…and pet…and pet. I can’t get enough of it!! When you try to pull your hand away, I reach out and bring it back down to my head. And I really like to TALK! I like to tell my foster mom all about my day…every detail. For some reason, though, she can’t seem to understand me, so I just start over again.

I would really love a home where I can get unconditional love and attention…and I’ll give it right back!!

Breed: DSH Tabby
Age: Approximately 3-5 years
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray – Dickinson Impound
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Cats
Special needs: None
Adoption Fee: $60