This smiley gentleman is Tank. Tank came to our rescue when he had less than 24 hours to live in his previous shelter. He has adjusted amazingly to his new fosters’ house and is loving every minute of freedom from being stuck in a cage. He does well with his foster sister (another Pittie), foster children, and cats as well. He is overall a pretty awesome guy.

On 1/12/16 Tank was seen by a vet due to favoring one of his hind legs. It was determined that Tank had a torn ACL that would require surgery. Funds are being raised immediately to help cover this unexpected cost.

Update: Tank received his surgery and is doing well. He has been adopted and is receiving wonderful care from his new family. We have almost finished paying off his surgery. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Breed: Pitbull

Gender: Male

Age: Approx 2 years

Origin: shelter