Roberta AKA Bobby

Roberta AKA Bobby

This little green eyed beauty is Bobby. She has been through hell and back and is still a sweety to prove it.  She had a bullet hole through her entire body and has had months to heal. Don’t mind the hair growing back from all the wounds, she’s a tough little cuss.

Bobby does OK with dogs, if they are OK with her.  She is the same with cats, if they are mean she will be mean.  Otherwise, she will learn to fit in as she has done with her fosters. She is currently fostered with dogs and cats.

Bobby loves to climb, loves toys and lasers too.  She loves wet and dry food, and is a treat fiend too.  Get her a scratching post and something to climb and she will fit right in!

Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Up to date on vaccinations:
Fostered with: dogs and cats
Special needs: none
Adoption fee: $60