Hiya pals! I’m Petey!  Doesn’t my cute, little black and white face scream “Little Rascals”?! If you aren’t familiar with that wonderful movie from the past, this adorable little face will probably entice you to start shopping at Target a little more often.  Yes, I am a cute short sawed off little Bull Terrier mixed with a little bit of pointer. 

Now, I am quite young and I do need a little workout each and every day.  I also need a LOT of cuddles on the couch when we get home.  I’m not huge on manners, but I have come a long way! I’m very smart and already kennel trained. I love my treats and bones, and I LOVE my people and family!!!  Now for the interesting part; I want to be your ONE AND ONLY!  I want to be your Huckleberry, your Sweet Pete (Petey), and I want to be your watchdog.  I will patrol your backyard, and keep all the varment out.  I chase a few squirrels and have been known to chase cats. I’m on a mission!

So, technically I am not fond of other dogs much and I will chase your cats, but all that being said I am a perfect angel at home with you. I need a family to LOVE me and I will LOVE them right back!

No one really knows my story, but my rescue people think I may have been neglected and abandoned and they definitely don’t think I deserved to be discarded at the pound, leaving me at risk of euthanization. 

Take me home and I will show you the LOVE of a lifetime!

Breed: Pointer / Bull Terrier Cross
Age: Approximately 1 Year
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray – Standing Rock Impound
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Children
Special needs: Needs to be an only pet – must have fenced yard
Adoption Fee: $125