My name is Penny.  I am a very special little girl. I was trapped and brought to Furry Friends with the intention of getting fixed and returned to the wild.  I was very scared at first, but my foster mom is working hard with me, to get me tame enough to be in a home.  I allow humans to pet me, but only on my terms.  I do love it when I choose to let them pet me though.

I know there is a special person out there who is willing to work with me and make me trust humans. I just need someone who has the patience of a saint.  I love other cats and I especially love dogs – at least dogs that allow me to rub up against them.  Because I was raised in the wild, I do not meow and I was never taught to play.  Even a nice heated shop might be a good home for me as long as I have people who will work with me.

Please give me a chance to be a pet and to show you how loving I can be.

Breed:  DSH
Age:  approximately 1-2 years
Gender:  Female
Origin:  Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations:  Yes
Fostered with: Cats and dogs
Special needs:  need someone willing to work with me to get me more tame
Adoption Fee: $60