Peaches & Kreme

Peaches & Kreme

Ms. Peach and Mr. Kreme have been together since they were born, so it will be hard to separate them. Peaches is a calm cat that likes to hide when company comes. She is overweight but plays with Kreme and toys. She loves to be petted, but not held. She eats diet food , but never begs when people are eating and has never had wet or table food.

Mr. Kreme is a very active, friendly cat that likes to play, but also is quick to hide when company comes. He likes to be held and petted.

They are both Flame Point Siamese, are neutered/spayed and are up to date on vaccinations. They are not declawed.

Foster mom lives alone, so they are not used to having people around.

Breed: Flame Point Siamese
Origin: Surrender
Age: Adult
Gender: Male/Female
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: N/A
Adoption Fee: $60