Oscar & Lilly

Oscar & Lilly

Oscar and Lilly are siblings who were rescued from the Bismarck Animal Impound. They are about 10 weeks old and litter box trained.

Oscar is a rambunctious kitten who loves to play. He tackles his sister Lilly, toys, sheets of paper and anything else that interests him. He purrs while he plays, while he sleeps, and while you pet him.

Lilly likes to wrestle with her brother and play with toys, but she is also quicker to snuggle in with you for some cuddle time. She likes to try to interact with the big cats at the foster house, they are just not crazy about the idea of kittens in their space.

Breed: DSH Blue Russian
Age: 10 Weeks
Origin: Stray, Bismarck Animal Impound
Sterilized: No, too young
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes, age appropriate
Fostered with dogs, cats, children: Cats and children
Special needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $60

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