From foster mom:
Meka is a rescue dog from the reservation.  When we first rescued her we thought she was about eight years old, because she looked so beat up and malnourished.  She is only a year old and now looks like it, because she is healthy and nourished.

We instantly knew this dog had a love for children and was as gentle as any animal can be. Meka is always smiling and is just an easy dog to love.  She is gentle around my rescue cats and little dogs.  She is very submissive to other animals.  She has stolen our hearts and we hope for a good home for her.

I have never seen a dog smile the way Meka does.  She is showing us her appreciation for loving her.

Breed: Husky Mix
Age: Approximately 1 Year
Gender: Female
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Pending
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Special needs: None
Adoption Fee: $125