Update on Maxine:
Maxine came into the care of FFRR in October 2016. She found an adoptive home to an older gal who was suffering from Alzheimers. Turns out, Maxine became too much of a burden for her. We brought Maxine into our care again in hope she can find her forever home.

She’s current on all vaccinations, had a grooming appointment to trim her fur, and is a complete lover. She adjusts quite well to her new foster home, despite all the moves in the last six months. (She came into our care around October and was adopted in December coming back to the rescue in March.)

Update on Maxine:
11/4/16 Maxine was taken to Missouri Valley Vet to get additional blood work completed. Foster mom noticed a positive change in her overall health and wanted to see where the liver failure was at. It was confirmed that she is NOT in liver failure. She has been vaccinated and is ready for a new home. She will need to go a home that is cognizant of her lack of claws. She is by far a people cat and loves to lay on laps or beside you. She’s a napper with a hidden playful side. She tolerates other cats, doesn’t fight with them, but let’s them know when they are in her bubble. In our care, she hasn’t been around dogs at this time.


Maxine has a special story that comes with her. She was pulled from the Bismarck Animal Impound during an overabundance of cats. She is completely declawed (front and back) along with spayed.

After a trip to the vet, we were told she is in liver failure. She shows no signs of slowing down despite this health set back. Her skin is a pale yellow, but her fur is soft as ever. Maxine is not on any medications or fluids, as of now. Maxine is also not vaccinated, to our knowledge, due to her organ failure. The vet advised against it for many reasons. 

Maxine feels frail to the touch but she’s very much active. She follows foster mom around the house and is a huge cuddle bug. She still has her playful kitten side to her. She often has a sassy look on her face but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. 

Maxine is looking for a hospice home. A home to give her love in the time she has left. We don’t know her whole story before she came into our care, but we are determined to make the last chapter the best for her. 

Breed: DLH Gray
Age: Approximately 12
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: N/A
Fostered with dogs, cats, children: Cats
Special needs: Hospice Care
 Pondering on life in her forever home

Pondering on life in her forever home