Hi! My name is Luci and I was probably born sometime in September 2018. As a young kitten I somehow found myself outside and on my own – cold and scared! Fortunately, some kind people caught me and brought me to FFRR. I was so frightened, I lashed out at anyone who tried to get near me, but I’m so grateful no one held a grudge, because with their patience and kindness I found these humans just wanted to be nice and help me.

I am now in a foster home where I get a lot of attention and I LOVE IT! I look forward to scratches, pets, and face rubs. I purr, love all toys, and hitting small balls around the room. I do like larger stuffed animals to roll around with, as I’m still learning human play so a little caution is good to apply when I play hard.

Regular meals and a warm safe place to sleep is the best. I stay with my foster’s family dog (an older beagle) and their male cat. I’m just getting to know them as I get more familiar with their territory. I use my litter box perfectly and will make a beautiful addition to your family!

Breed: DLH
DOB: approximately September 2018
Gender: female
Origin: stray
Sterilized: yes
Up-to-date on vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: dog and cat
Special needs: none
Adoption fee: $60