March 2019 – Update: What a great year Kinsley has had in her foster home. She has turned into foster Moms shadow. She likes to just hang out beside her. She has become buddies with Feynman (the kitten who had the pop holder wrapped around her neck). They love to play together and snuggle. Kinsley is always happy to play with string toys and chase laser lights. She does still startle easily at loud noises (survival method from living on the streets). She is ready for a home with someone looking for a great companion. Adopting her friend Feynman with her would be even better!

Jan 2019 – Update: Kinsley is a sweet girl who was originally rescued from the Walmart parking lot where she was rummaging through the garbage for food. She was approximately 8-months-old at the time. She was very afraid of people. After months of spending time with her foster mom she has learned that people can be trusted. She loves to sit next to her foster Mom and hang out. She also loves to play with string toys and laser lights. She is still very shy with new people and startles easily. She wants a quiet home with someone who will love her and give her the time she needs to get comfortable with them. She also loves being with kittens, so she would be happy in home with a kitten friend.

July 2018 – Update on Kinsley: Kinsley is now very affectionate to her foster mom. She likes to be petted and rubs against her legs for attention. She also loves to play with toys on strings. She still startles easily, so will probably do best with older children and adults.

January 2018: Kinsley is a timid kitty looking for a home with someone who has the patience to wait for her to learn to trust them. She was found in the Walmart parking lot scrounging for food in the garbage cans. She is not an adult yet, but because she spent a lot of time just surviving, she is now trying to learn how to have fun. She wants to play with toys with you, but is leery of getting too close. She does come to the foster mom in the morning for soft food, then she allows Mom a bit of cuddle time. She needs a home where she can feel safe. She is fostered with other cats and gets along with them.

Breed: DSH
DOB: Approximately June 2017
Gender: Female
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations:  Yes
Fostered with: Cats
Special needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $60