Update 9.12.19:
Jackie has come a long ways in just the last couple of weeks. She now comes to the foster mom to be petted. She still loves other cats and kittens. She is back on a normal diet. Her right eye is smaller than the left, due to an eye injury as a kitten, but that just adds to her character. 

Jackie is a sweet tabby cat with a reserved personality. If you are reading or relaxing in the room with her, she will sidle up to you for some attention. She doesn’t want to be a lap cat, but prefers to lay beside you. She loves to play with scrunchy balls, string toys, and laser lights.

Jackie has not met another cat she didn’t like. She has met several other cats at the foster home and each introduction has gone smoothly. The foster dog makes her nervous, so she avoids him.

Jackie had an eye injury as a kitten that was treated, but it left her with a smaller eye that may only have partial vision. It may also be why she startles easily at sudden movements. She has a sensitive stomach, but is doing well on the Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach cat food that is available at the pet stores (no prescription required).

Breed: DSH
DOB: April 2018
Gender: female
Origin: Linton
Sterilized: yes
Up to date on vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: cats
Special needs: 
Adoption fee: $60