Jack & Diane

Jack & Diane

a little ditty about Jack & Diane…

Two kitty cats growing up in Bis-Man.
Jack – is a flame-point Siamese.
Diane – debutante blue eyes in the top seat of Jacky’s cat tower.

Chowing down on kitty treats at foster moms.
Diane snuggled up next to Jack.
Got his paw around her.
Jack, he says:
“Hey Diane, let’s get adopted together.
Doing cute cat stuff,
Showing our new family, we should stay together.”

Jack & Diane were rescued from the Bismarck Animal Impound. They are both Siamese, with Jack showing more flame-point. These two cats have a special bond. We would prefer that they get adopted together. But we understand that two good homes are better than none. Both cats have been fostered with other cats, dogs, and children. They like to cuddle up next to each other and don’t mind an ear scratch or two.

Jack –
DOB Approx 2011
Flame Point Siamese, DMH

DOB Approx 2011
DMH Siamese