Hope is growing so fast since she’s come to our rescue! She was found near death when she was just 4 weeks old along with her sister, Destiny. Luckily she didn’t waste any time getting healthy.

Hope is a very active kitten who loves to climb, pounce and chase anything. She’ll be so perfect with another kitty to play with or someone who wants an active kitty friend. She will need lots of things to do in her new home.

Cuddling isn’t something she’s lacking, though. She will lay against your neck and gently paw and nibble your chin in an attempt to get you to love on her. She’s quite the sweet girl when she’s not getting into mischief.

This sweetie would love to grow old in a new home. May I also suggest her sister as a perfectly matched playmate?

Breed: DSH Black Tuxedo
DOB: May 16, 2019
Gender: Female
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Pending
Up to date on vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: Dogs, Cats, Children
Special needs: none
Adoption fee: $60