His name is Henry.

Henry is an amazing dog who deserves a wonderful home. He will enrich your home without question. He loves cats, dogs, children, and everyone he meets. Henry is quite the charmer and a very handsome boy. Henry loves snuggles 24/7, walks and toys–especially ones he can chew, and naps…lots of naps. Particularly on a comfy couch.

Prepare to fall in love with a pittie whose only goal is to please and love you with everything he has. He will cling to you like velcro, and will not give you a choice when it comes to pets and belly rubs.

Something to note about Henry is that he had an FHO surgery in September, and has healed pretty well. He does favor the leg he had surgery on, but this may improve with time. He is a trooper not allowing this to stop him from playing with dogs and people.

Henry is a dog that would be best suited for a home with other dogs and room to play. Henry is house and kennel trained, and he even knows basic commands. With treats at the ready, he is always willing to learn more tricks. Please consider adding this lovable boy to your home.

Breed: Pitbull

Age: Approximately 2-3 years
Gender: Male
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Dogs
Special Needs: None
Adoption Fee: $125