Hallie has such a sweet, amazing personality. She loves any form of affection: cuddles, belly rubs, ear scratches, kisses, smushing your face into her face. She likes to be near and around people.

Hallie likes to work on a nice big chew bone, play with a sturdy toy, or play with her doggie friends at her foster home. She’s learning to play fetch, but doesn’t quite understand that you have to bring the ball back. Many times, though, she just likes to chill around the house, curl up on the couch, or find a little quiet comfy spot on the floor.

Hallie likes to be outside, but doesn’t quite love walks yet. She gets a little skittish not knowing her surroundings. She is a little bit of a shadow dog, always curious what you are doing and where you are going. She’s very interested in what you are eating, of course!

Hallie is ready to be your new best friend and is a girl who will love you forever. ♡

Breed: Black Lab mix
DOB: Approximately January 2019
Gender:  female
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: 10.31.19
Up to date on vaccinations: yes
Fostered with: 6-year-old pug and and 6-year-old pug/lab mix – Does well with visiting children – Cats unknown.

Special needs: N/A
Adoption fee: $175