Hello, my name is Diva – although I am very pretty, I am not so much of a Diva; although, I would love to become one.

I was rescued with my all my children and grandchildren. I ended up having three litters of kittens before I was rescued and spayed.  Since my family got too big to keep in the house we were forced to live outside. I have a little scratch on my nose, but that is healing up.  I am so happy that I as rescued and that my whole family came with me.

I am very friendly and have a quiet little meow. I love to be petted and sit on laps. I know my children will all find wonderful homes and I would also love to find my very own home.

Please give me the life I have never had.

Breed:  DSH
DOB:  Approximately 3-4 years
Gender:  female
Origin:  Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations:  yes
Fostered with: other cats
Special needs:
Adoption Fee: $60