Demolition AKA “Demo”

Demolition AKA “Demo”

Update 11.8.19:
He is a very loving kitten who has lots of energy. He loves snuggles, but then runs off to play with his foster sister.


Demolition came to us quite the little wreck! We couldn’t make a real guess if this little boy was going to make it through the night when he came to the rescue. He was just over a week old and orphaned. He overcame starvation, weakness, upper respiratory infections, ringworm, and has more than caught up with kittens his own size! He’s going to be a BIG cat!

Demo wants attention all day long and comes running when he sees his people. He is all black with not one lick of white to be found. His happy demeanor is contagious. He plays hard and loves hard. Demo loves all other animals and any size human.

Breed:  DSH
DOB:  August 2019
Gender:  Male
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up-to-date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Dogs, cats, and children
Special needs:  N/A
Adoption fee: $80