Church LOVES dogs! Really loves dogs! Within 5 minutes of meeting his first dog, he was laying on her purring away like they’ve been best friends for life. Recently a new puppy was brought in to his foster home and he took to him within a couple minutes as well. If you’ve needed a kitty that has no problems loving your pups, this is your boy!

Church was born in the care of the rescue. His mom was brought in as a stray through our local pound. She has two kittens, but tragically one passed from complications soon after birth. Being a single kitten, he was introduced to siblings around his age before his eyes even opened. His mom, Fallon (also for adoption), was the perfect surrogate to his new brother and sister.

Being a kitten, he is still so playful! He has absolutely no fear and adjusts to anything almost immediately. He is so accepting of change and new animals/people that we never worry about who wants to pick him up to cuddle him. He has a neat mottled tabby look we haven’t quite seen before. We’re wondering if it’ll change as he grows or stay unique. Either way, he’s gorgeous!

Breed: DSH Tabby
DOB: August 8, 2019
Gender: Male
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Dogs, cats, and children
Special needs:
Adoption fee: $80