Hi, My name is Chico.  I had a miserable start to life.  FFRR pulled my sister and I from a vehicle that came up from New Mexico with many more dogs in it and we have been tossed around for months.  Our owner knew we needed more than he could provide and asked FFRR to give us a second chance in life.

I am an active couple of dogs and love a good walk.  I will chase rabbits, cats, and birds, but I walk nicely on a leash until I’m are tormented by the little creatures.  I love to play with toys and love rawhides and chew toys.  I also love to hang with people.  I need a better life than the one I’ve have had – won’t you please help me?

From the volunteers:
Chico can be very playful and rambunctious and will also get along with others, if there is a slow introduction.  He does way better with men than women, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a lady in his life as it’s been mostly women that walk him everyday.  Chico does know sit and is currently working on balancing a treat on his nose.  He’s smart, goofy and scared.  So he will need  a calm environment with a patient, experienced dog owner who provides training, regular activity and unconditional love.

Because he has a prey drive, he can’t be placed with small animals or birds.  And because we are unsure of his exposure to children, only families with older dog-savvy children will be considered.

Breeds: Pitbull Mix
Ages: Approximately 1-2 Years
Genders: Male
Origin: Owner Surrender
Sterilized: Yes
Up to Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Dogs
Special Needs: No small animals or small children

Adoption Fee: $125