Ever heard that sounds that Chewbacca from Star Wars makes??

“Rrwwwggg” or “Rawrgwawggr…”

My foster mom says that’s why people call me Chewy!
She says I’m a talker, a moaner and a groaner. What’s a “snore-bucket?”
I might be one of those too!

I have learned to enjoy massages and lots of cuddles and naps!
Chewy is a Mastiff mix that came into the rescue in a very sad state from an area impound.
He was very emaciated and had significant hair loss and poor skin condition.
Chewy also had an apparent injury to his rear left leg/hip as he was not able to bear weight or maneuver it.
We were fortunate enough to have had a surgical procedure in December done to attempt to fix the damage and see if Chewy would be able to recover some use of the leg.
It has been a number of weeks since and unfortunately the damage appears to have been too bad- far beyond repair.
We are now scheduling Chewy to have the rear leg amputated and he will need a period of rest and recovery.
He is currently fostered with a family, he does well with kids who approach him respectfully and other dogs who are mindful.
We are unsure how he does with cats but can hope that he would be fine with them as long as the cats don’t antagonize him.
Chewy’s demeanor is very mellow currently. He is not highly active and may not be even after his period of recovery is over.
Chewy is currently about 70lbs, he is UTD on his shots and is scheduled to be neutered.
He has not had any accidents in the home environment.
Chewy’s overall condition has significantly improved. He is currently fed a diet for sensitive skin and taking joint supplements to help ensure he’s getting the extra vitamins and minerals his body needs. He will need to be kept on the trimmer side to ensure he doesn’t over-stress his joints from bearing the extra weight from the loss of his leg.

If you are someone who may be interested in him, please keep these things in mind.
Stairs and other obstacles may be difficult or more so over time, Chewy’s exact age is unknown.
He needs assistance in/out of vehicles and may also need extra padding for bedding or carpeted areas for walking.