Have you ever heard of “the ever-after life”?

This is the kind of life Chewy deserves and is ready for.  The kind that makes you do nothing but smile and appreciate all that life has thrown at you, but you just keep going. The kind that often has you caught off guard, yet loving every minute of it. If you don’t have these moments or this kind of life to offer or desire think again.

This guy is going to make you rethink what LIFE really should be like – Long lazy naps in the sunshine, a quick jaunt around the neighborhood to say ‘hi’ to all the neighbors and of course, don’t be shy to make new friends!  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates on a regular occasion, followed by wet kisses of gratitude!  And of course, don’t forget what a really good back scratch and belly rub feel like, especially for someone who can’t scratch one half of his body! You will never be under appreciated for helping a tripod out on that front!

*Chewy’s leg was amputated early in March and he’s recovering wonderfully. He does have a pain medication as needed and it is advised he be on a regular joint & probiotic supplement.

This big guy likes to be the one to introduce himself to others and especially other dogs. He takes a slow introduction to other dogs, his bark and growl often sound ‘big and throaty’, but for the most part he’s a big baby once he gets to know other dogs. Chewy would do best in a home without cats.

Please keep in mind, Chewy has come full circle, from a homeless, sad, underweight, mange stricken dog to one full of  smiles and a 70 pound hearty snuggle. He will of course still have some struggles that his forever family would need to be open to helping him through, but he will never shy from showing you his zest for life.

His hobbies are car rides, sightseeing, snacks, and receiving rubs and hugs of all sorts!

Breed: Mastiff Cross
Age: Approximately 3-5 Years
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Special needs: PRN pain medication – joint and probiotic supplement – Home without cats
Adoption Fee: $125