My name is Cash, but I prefer Pumkin. I was found as a stray. I have a gentle and calm nature. Each day I spend in my foster home, I am showing signs of learning and adjusting to this new environment and schedule.

I am not fostered with children; however, I have had a few opportunities to show my foster family how much I enjoy being around children. I just wish they had laps big enough for me to sit on. My foster family is still learning about my response to dogs. I may need cautious introductions to some dogs. I am not fostered with cats and would most likely need a home without cats.

I have been learning about these “senseless human tricks”. First I heard of this. I got the impression I had a choice between “trick” or “treat”. Each day I find myself giving in to more and more of these “tricks” to get that treat. I am also learning about this thing called a “kennel” – is this necessary? So, we compromise; I have the open space of a secure room with my chew bones and toys.

I am not a fan of this being left alone business, but I am making efforts at accepting it. I now realize someone eventually returns home and I have not been sentenced to a life of solitude. And, you know that stubborn guy who thinks it is not a good idea unless it is his idea?? Well, I may or may not be that guy. Boy, is my foster mom getting good at tricking me into thinking “EVERYTHING” is my idea. Before I realize just what is going on, I have already changed my mind. Like, when she throws a slice of cheese in the back seat of that car. Before I know it, I am up on that seat, and the door closes behind me. I then settle in and enjoy the ride. But, I still get a trick of my own in from time to time. Like the times I stop at the end of the driveway and refuse to move until I get a treat. hehe!

I really enjoy going for strolls, I call them “strolls”, because I like to take them in stride. One thing though, I do seem to want to zig zag across the front of my foster mom, but we are trying to work this out. Safety first!

I have proven to mostly understand this “potty outside” thing. I may still get confused about the boundaries of “outside” at times, however. I am sure I will soon have this aced as I continue to decipher these rules so clearly. Oh, and this counter surfing talent of mine, turns out not to be such an acceptable talent, so I am learning. Geez, so much to learn in the short time I have been here. But, I love the positive praise and treats so much – I am on it.

I really love to be close to my people – and forget that belly rub, I want the full body massage! I am a sound sleeper with the occasional hypnic jerk. Don’t let this  alarm you and please don’t use this as an excuse to resort to that “kennel” thing. All I need is a comfy bed or better yet maybe YOUR comfy bed.

I also enjoy chew bones, toys, playing fetch, and mealtime. Did someone say “Breakfast”? I thought I heard “Breakfast”.

All and all I think I am easy to have hanging around and I can’t wait to get settled in to my forever home. I have so much love to pass along; so, hurry up forever family. I can’t wait to meet you.

Lots of Kisses, Cash aka Pumkin.

Breed: Lab/Heeler mix
Age: Approximately 1.5 years
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with:
Special needs: Slow intro to dogs, no cats
Adoption fee: $125