Boo is a very sweet and loving animal.  She is very timid, shy, and scared when first being introduced to new people and a new home.  It took Boo an entire week to feel comfortable enough to come out of her shell and show her adorable personality in her foster home.  Once she does trust and know she is loved, she loves to be cuddled, petted, and touched.

Boo is very friendly and loves big people, but would not do well with small children due to her being so timid and scared.  She is always willing to give lots of love, kisses and hugs.  She is very gentle and good hearted.  She has never shown any sign of aggression towards her foster’s other four dogs, even when they growl at her, because they do not want to play with her.  She has a very sweet disposition.

Boo gets along great with other dogs and loves to play with any other animal that is willing.  Boo’s favorite toy is her baby blanket that she likes to play tug of war with and chew on.  She also loves to growl and chase her own tail.  She is still a pup and is playful.

She would rather not be locked up is a small kennel during the day.  Foster mom leaves her and the other dogs out during the day to roam her home.  However, they are able to be let out throughout the day.  Boo craves a moderate amount of attention right now while adjusting to a new environment.  She needs some work with potty training, but is coming along nicely.  She will need a lot of patience and consistency while being potty trained.  Once she is spayed, foster mom thinks potty training will be easier as she will not have the need to mark.  Boo has an appointment to be spayed soon.

A fenced yard for her to run and play would be great, because she likes to explore and would get lost or run if left to her own accord.

Boo is white with a little tan down her back and on her ears and as cute as can be.  She will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: October 12, 2018
Gender: Female
Origin: Owner surrender
Sterilized:  Pending
Up to date on vaccines:  Yes
Fostered with:  dogs
Special Needs:  Very timid and scared, will need patience and love
Adoption fee: $175