Hi, I am Bertt! I am a big ol’ goofball and I love flopping around in the backyard with my foster siblings. Being a dog is so much fun, who knew?!

I love drinking lots of water and chewing on rope toys and sometimes my foster mama’s hands. When I have to go potty, I go to the door and will kennel when mom tells me to, even though I do not like it at all. Mom lets me sleep in bed with her at night, with all my foster siblings. I sleep through the night like a good boy. For some reason there are these weird looking dogs here, they’re really small and meow at me, I have learned not to chase them, but sometimes they come play with me.

I need a home with another dog, since I have never been without a sibling. I also need a big yard with a fence, since I am used to roaming around outside. I love outside time. Walking on a leash isn’t my favorite, but I am really good at it, says foster mom. I know how to sit and am a really lazy boy when everyone else is being lazy. Naps are great and snuggling up to foster mom and the other dogs is my favorite.

My foster mom asks that my new family keep in contact since she loves me so much, she even says I can come back for babysitting!

I eat my meals in my kennel, so I get better about using my kennel, but I’ll share my food with everyone! I love treats and playing with kongs filled with peanut butter.

Breed: Black Lab mix
DOB: Approximately January 2019
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to date on vaccinations: Yes
Fostered with: Dogs and cats
Special needs: Must have a fenced yard – home with another dog – Has a bb pellet in his rear, but causes no pain. Will need to keep an eye on it, but doesn’t need to be removed as of now
Adoption fee: $175