Aquarius is the most playful of her siblings with her brother, Gemini, in close second. She’s always willing to chase toys, climb her cat tree and wrestle. You can find her and Gemini in all sorts of tackling positions most of the day. They’re the most attached to each other in their litter. She is also on her way to being a pretty big cat!

Aquarius loves her brother and the share the same energy but she would do great with any kitty friend. She would probably do best with another high energy buddy and if you don’t have one, Gemini would love to come with!

Aquarius is fearless and very accepting of all other animals and people. She is a great cuddler despite all her wild antics. She loves to lay on her back in your arms and snuggle especially after she gets all worn out.

Breed: DSH Grey with White Feet
DOB: Born April 11, 2019
Gender: Female
Origin: Surrender
Sterilized: Pending
Up to date on vaccinations: Pending
Fostered with: Cats, Dogs, Children
Special needs:
Adoption Fee: $60