5 Mile

5 Mile

Hello – I’m 5 Mile and I was rescued from the Bismarck Impound.  I’m fixed and up-to-date on my vaccinations.

I’m about 1 year old.  I’m a Bernese Mountain Dog/Shepherd cross with lots of love to give.  I get along great with others dogs, great with kids, and I’m pretty sure I can be taught to love cats as I’m curious about them, but don’t get too crazy.

I love to get out and walk and I love to play. I’m also a lover. I’m a smart, young man who loves a car ride. I enjoy being around people and activities.

Add me to your collection and I will make your family complete.

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog/Shepherd Cross
Age: Approximately 1 year
Gender: Male
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Yes
Up to Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Special Needs: 

Adoption Fee: $125