Lily's Happy TailLily’s “Happy Tail” from her new family:

“This is Lily, formerly known as Lucky Lil. We adopted her a few months ago and we are so happy to have her! In the top left she waits patiently for me to put on my makeup. If I shut the door she tries to snatch my socks from under the door! The top right she was asleep under my arm until I tried to sneak a picture! The middle right she waits for the ball to circle around as I watch TV. The bottom left she plays sweetly with my daughter. The bottom right she is “helping” fold laundry. She loves to play with socks! She follows me everywhere around the house. She does not like it when she can’t follow me and will knock her rear end against the door like she is knocking. Unless I’m in the bathroom which she attacks my feet under the door until I come out! She is my companion and sleeps on my chest or under my arm curled up beside me at night. She has gained some weight and her fur on her belly has almost grown out. She comes running when I shake a bag of treats and canned cat food gives her gas to clear a building! The moment you bend down to pet her she throws herself on the floor and presents her belly for rubbing although she only really likes her chest scratched most of the time! She tends to really drool when she is getting pet and spatters the drool when she shakes her head. Always funny when it happens to someone else! She loves to play with the dog and she is as spritely as any kitten! My whole family adores her and she was exactly what I needed!”